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Bartending School Is Just The Start

Bartending School Is Just The Start

While you may be considering and contemplating a career as a bartender, by going to bartending school; do bear in mind that the bartending profession is not all fun and games as it's portrayed on film.


Bartenders work hard and extremely long hours, and are frequently paid base pay. Working at a leading local club or bar will, of course, automatically increase your take-home pay in the way of tips (in some cases as much as thousands per night), however you'll have to do your time and gain experience at smaller sized bars and clubs. At first, you'll also have work the less crowded shifts, as the experienced bartenders will get those.


Some bars and clubs even make new bartenders work as barbacks for the first 90 days. This means you'll be schlepping ice, beer and liquor from the storage room to the bar, cleaning glasses and cleaning up the bar at shifts end. Not nearly as attractive as you might have dreamed when you first dreamed up the idea. As a barback, it is standard practice to earn a portion, percentage of the bartender's tips for the night.


The hours are usually long, you're on your feet the whole time and might need to deal with and handle a great deal of rude clients. Aside from that, once you've moved up the ranks and have earned that popular and crowded shift (you'll make the most money during those shifts) you'll never ever have Friday or Saturday nights free again. Because as a good bartender, you'll be working.


Make sure you select a credible and certified bartending school, if you still thinking about bartending school. You can also attend bartending school online. Many bartending schools offer job positioning support once you have complete and passed your courses.

The very best bartenders have an outgoing character, are very patient and tolerant of customers who might have had one too many and you also have to be able to multitask and work under pressure.


Know and understand that you will make mistakes once you've finished bartending school and have started working your first job. As a bartender, it's your capability and ability to recuperate from them with grace and humor that will keep you as a top bartender in the industry.