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Bartending Pro Tips Part 2

This article is a continuation of Bartending Pro Tips Part 1.

If there is trouble or violence erupts, at all costs, you must avoid coming out from behind the bar. An individual pal of mine came out from behind the bar and hit an assailant with a bar bottle since the assault was against a woman. That bartender (who owned the bar) is still in jail due to the bad violent individual passing days later, but because the bartender "came out from behind the bar" he ended up in trouble.


8. Keeping all of your other staff happy! The servers ability to make money is directly related to how well the beverages are made and how quickly they can provide them to their customers, so there is a fragile balance between your bar consumers and the table customers. Keep a watchful eye on your customers, this will help you get a head start when your customer needs a new drink. Look after it, beforehand, and if you are filling table orders (very important) always acknowledge your bar clients and let them know that you noticed. Ensure them that their drink is coming right up!


9. Even if it is not within your tasks or job description, always assist the servers and other staff with cleaning tables and chairs. Support them any way you can. The only time I would ever advise coming out from behind the bar would be to help in the defense of another staff member, and, even then, yell loudly, several times (to personnel mainly), for someone to call 911. They will have to know that they have your support (even in if your place of employment has bouncers), so just constantly do exactly what you can to safeguard their sense of having a good place to work because, in spite of all your efforts to supply a fun environment for your clients, unhappy personnel can make that impossible.


10. Invest time talking with your consumers when you have time. Do not rest on a stool sipping a coke for a long time alone, even if you are "on break." You can be on break at home. Talk news, discuss intriguing locations and regional folks, but more importantly try and get them discussing what is important to them. They aren't in a library, they are in a bar, and maybe they wish to talk, a lot more than be talked to. It's easy to walk away when you get hectic; the bar customer can wait and, if they cannot, you may need to start evaluating their intoxication level.


11. Thank every client for having spent their time there with you and, if possible, shake their hand. That sort of thing implies a lot to a lot of people and will keep them returning. Look them in the eye, particularly when they are cashing out. (Tip Time)


12. If that minute isn't really offered, because you are otherwise involved, when you see them getting ready to leave (and you make sure the bill is cleared), just yell over your shoulder "Hey (name) thanks! Be careful and come back soon, OK?".

You can research any bartender's book on combined libations thoroughly, however making drinks can be as simple and crucial to just watch your co-workers blend and mix drinks. It is a craft that can be easily learned from experience. If anybody requests a beverage that may be from their regional area, or by a name you are not familiar with, do not be ashamed to say "Never heard of it, but I'll make it right now."

Some bars are just crazy some nights, or are just constantly that way, and you may be among 4 or 5 bartenders with hardly any time to use some of these techniques, specifically with loud music or live bands. I know, I have actually worked in places like these as well however, nevertheless, you will have moments when you can make use of these tips. Even with hectic and several bartending scenarios, clients will seek you out, aim to sit near where you are working and, when you aren't working, they will ask when you are going to be working next.


By using this method, once you have a "following," changing jobs is simpler!

Bartending is an enjoyable, intriguing and vibrant job! I have made up to $50,000 a year bartending on the side!

Find a great location you love living in, a bar you take pleasure in and ask to work!